We are currently looking for high traffic or waiting room locations to mount digital signage displays.

Examples: Malls, Local Buses, HealthCare locations, Accountants, Insurance locations, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Auto Repair Shop Etc.

When you become a sponsor:

1. We install a display in a visible and easy to see but non-interfering location.

2. We run your free ad in rotation.

3. Local business advertisements ran in rotation - non conflict ads only.

4. Get paid for each ad ran at your location*

5. We may also run weather, news, other RSS feeds, local pictures, videos, events in rotation with the ads.

Benefits of becoming a sponsor:

1. Free advertising at your location (1x10 sec ad per month)*

2. Create a more welcoming environment

3. Make waiting fun and feel non-existing - healthcare clinic, dentist, auto repair shop, accountants, hospital etc.

4. Support other local businesses.

5. Run your testimonials on our screen at your location to create returning customers.

*the rate you will be paid at per ad will depend on traffic

*your business can run more ads per month, for the regular design rate of $50 plus applicable taxes per ad,

Become a Sponsor